How to Resolve Processing Delays Due to Large Image Sizes

Applies to: All versions of Ephesoft Transact on Windows


You may experience the following issues when processing large JPG, TIF, or PDF files:

  • Prolonged processing times
  • Backed up batch instances
  • Time out errors

Root Cause

Images may have increased in size during conversion because of the difference between the parameters of a vector-based file and those of a high megapixel image-based one.


If you are using larger files it may be necessary to adjust your imported TIFF files so it will automatically adjust the images you need to process in Ephesoft.

You can do so by changing the resample and/or resize values of your ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick Convert Output Image Parameter in IMPORT_MULTIPAGE_FILES. For example,

-resample 300×300 -resize 4000×4000> -compress LZW

In this example, the specified parameter will only resize the image which has dimensions greater than 4000×4000 pixels, while maintaining the aspect ratio. By doing this, RecoStar should now OCR images successfully.