LibTiff – How it works?

Applies to:

Ephesoft v4.0.5.2 or higher


What it is:

This is an additional utility added to the Ephesoft Application use to Create and Optimize the Outputted Tif Files generated for processing in a Batch Instance. Libtiff allows to split multipage tiff file into single page tiff files with great speed and efficiency. This works with both Multipage Tif files and Single page Tif files.


Why it is needed:

Use #1: Handles Multipage tiff conversion more efficiently.

Ephesoft use to do the following:

Multipage Tiff > Convert to PDF > Convert to Tif > ImageMagick Normalizes Tif > Process

New Procedure:

Multipage Tiff > LibTiff Normalizes Tif (Single page Tif) > Process

Using the old method we would generate Tif files that were huge and sometimes caused performance issues. Using the Libtif conversion method creates Tif files faster, smaller in size and improves performance of your batch instance. There is no need to run the imagemagick normalization step as your Tif files will already be optimized.

Use #2: Normalization Of Single Page Tif. Imagemagick Output Parameters were used to Normalize the Tif Files.

This would have varying or inconsistent results, causing issues down the line during processing. Libtiff substitutes Imagemagick and creates efficient files that are accurate and light, Improving processing and maximizing your output.

Where is it located:

To enable conversion using LibTiff, a switch named as “Optimized Tiff Conversion Switch” has been added to “IMPORT_MULTIPAGE_FILES” plugin.




How to Use it:

This switch comprises of two values {OFF, ON}. If switch value is selected as ON then MultiPage tiff will be converted to single page tiff using LibTiff. This functionality will also be used to normalize the single page Tif files created before processing begins.



Note: Using this switch will bypass the Imagemagick Output Parameters and will not provide control of Color or Black and White Options. The users can use this switch to enable this new functionality for addressing TIFF (Multipage or Single page) conversion or disable this switch to use existing ImageMagick/GhostScript/Recostar approach for Multipage TIFF files.


Performance increase on high definition multipage tiff images bigger than 15MB. LibTiff utility has been added to break MultiPage Tiff Files to Single Page utility with high efficiency.


Speed: We were able to split 375 page TIFF file in less than 7 seconds.

Size: Single page tiffs remained light and maintained the overall size of the original file (Multipage Tiff) i.e. sum of size of 375 single page = 5MB The sum of the resulting tiff files = 5MB