Understanding LibTiff

Applies to: Ephesoft Transact and above

LibTiff is an additional utility for creating and optimizing the output TIFF files generated in a batch instance. LibTiff also supports splitting multi-page TIFF files into single TIFF files quickly and efficiently.

Use Cases

Use #1: More efficient handling of multi-page TIFF conversion.

Use #2: Normalization off Single Page TIFF. LibTiff substitutes ImageMagick and creates efficient files that are accurate and light, improving processing and maximizing your output.

Enabling LibTiff

To enable conversion using LibTiff, set the Optimized Tiff Conversion Switch to ON. This is located in Modules > Folder Import > IMPORT_MULTIPAGE_FILES for each batch class.

  • When set to ON: Enables LibTiff to address TIFF conversion for single or multi-page files.
  • When set to OFF: Uses existing approach for TIFF files, as set in the Image Conversion Process property.
Figure 1. Optimized Tiff Conversion Switch

Note: Using this switch will bypass the ImageMagick output parameters and will not provide control of color or black and white options.