Collecting the Ephesoft Application Logs

Applies to: All versions of Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft errors are recorded in the logs by default. Ephesoft can also log non-error procedures with INFO level logging turned on in realtime. With most issues, when opening a support ticket, you will want to submit this information for the quickest analysis.

Log Files

The primary log file types are the following:

  • dcma-all*.log
  • dcma-reporting-all*.logs
  • Linux: catalina*.out
  • Windows: ephesoftenterprise-stdout

Depending on your version of Ephesoft, logs are stored in the following directories:

  • DCMA logs: [Ephesoft_Directory]/Application/logs/
  • JavaAppServer logs: [Ephesoft_Directory]/JavaAppServer/logs/

What to send with your support tickets

The most complete logs that you can send us are INFO level logs. If your issue is replicable and recorded each time you are running a specific procedure, turn INFO level logs on first; restart the server and replicate the issue. This will ensure the complete process trace is recorded in the log file. Go to the directories mentioned above, ZIP the files together, and submit with your support issue to

Otherwise, if your environment can not be interrupted to turn INFO level logging on, submit any logs that your system has already collected and we can try to perform an analysis with what you have collected.