Problem: After running the Ephesoft installer the server starts without error but when the customer logs into the Admin module no batch classes appear.



This can be caused by the database setup not running correctly. Since the Ephesoft application is starting up it looks like the databases were created but the patches and workflow may not have been deployed correctly. Just to be sure the databases and users are created properly you will probably want to run the ephesoft-mysql-setup.bat file located in C:EphesoftDependenciesMySQLSetup . Make sure the Ephesoft server application is stopped before doing this.

After running this .bat file go to the C:EphesoftSharedSharedFoldersdatabase-update folder and look at the .ser files in thee folder. If they are named xxxx.ser-executed remove the -executed portion of the filename on each file. If they do not have this extension added just leave them as is.

Next you will want to open the file in the C:EphesoftApplicationWEB-INFclassesMETA-INFdcma-data-access folder. In this file there will be an entry that looks like this:


Make sure this is set to true. You then need to open the dcma-workflows.propreties file located in C:EphesoftApplicationWEB-INFclassesMETA-INFdcma-workflows. In this file there will be an entry that looks like this:


Make sure this is set to true. Once these settings are changed start the Ephesoft server. The DB patches should run and the workflow should be properly deployed.