Batch Instances are going to error state and in the logs, you see an error message that ends with Exception in breaking multi page tiff file. The command: “[Ljava.lang.String;@54eb9e2f” failed to execute successfully due to: Non-zero exit value failure

Note that the string with a strike through above will not match in your error logs to this error message listed here.



Open test has seen this issue with a few documents that are scanned through Recostar. This will work for versions 3.1.x of Ephesoft. See install directions below. Once the patch is deployed, you can restart the batches in error with the error message above and they should process through to export.

  1. Stop Ephesoft
  2. Backup the following file  <Ephesoft Install Directory>\Application\native\RecostarPlugin\bin\ImageProcess2.dll
  3. Unzip the dll in the zip file linked below to the Application\native\RecostarPlugin\bin folder
  4. Start Ephesoft

Download Recostar patch here: Recostar Patch