“Null” Error on Dashboard Reports Screen in Chrome

Applies to: Transact 2020.1.06 and above while using Chromium-based browsers.


When accessing your Transact instance in a Chromium-based browser, you may receive a “Null” error message on any Reports screen (http://{ephesoft.yourcompany}/dcma/Reports.html).

Root Cause

Recent browser security updates prevent cross-site cookies and tokens from being shared across one another.

Your browser may be referencing two different URLs that do not conform to the updated security standard: 

  1. The primary DNS name for the Transact application server (this appears in your browser’s address bar).
  2. The secondary DNS name used to access Reports content.


To resolve this issue, ensure you are accessing Transact through the browser using the public DNS name specified for the batch.base_http_url entry in the dcma-batch.properties file.

For example:


In this case, the browser set to access Reports with the URL http://localhost/ would produce a “null” error. Accessing the same page with the URL http://ephesoft.yourcompany.com/ resolves the issue.

Note: For more information on setting batch.base_http_url, please see Thumbnail and Preview Images Not Showing in Review