Issue: Object References an Unsaved Transient Instance — Error When Importing Batch Class

Affected versions: Ephesoft 4.x


When attempting to import a new Batch Class into Ephesoft, you may see an error in the UI along with the following in the logs:


object references an unsaved transient instance


This error typically occurs when you have added custom modules to one or more of your Batch Classes in Ephesoft. One cause for this error may be a mismatch between the custom modules you have imported to Ephesoft vs. what is being displayed in the dbo.module table in the Ephesoft database and/or the Available Modules in the Ephesoft UI.


To resolve this error, you have 2 options. One is to open the dbo.modules table and add any missing custom modules to this table. Another fix would be to go into the Ephesoft UI and add the missing modules from any existing Batch Class: