Password Encryption does not work in CMIS_EXPORT plugin

When using the Encryption function offered by Ephesoft, you must keep in mind that this feature is not available for all connections. The CMIS_EXPORT_PLUGIN is a perfect example. This will fail if encrypted passwords are entered in the configuration.


The encryption feature used by Ephesoft does not apply to the CMIS Plugin settings.

There is a secure Web Service option in the located in the [Ephesoft Installation Folder]\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-cmis folder. This can be used to connect to any supported Respository without the use of user credentials.

The setting would be the following:


Information on WS-Security:

WS-Security (Web Services Security, short WSS) is a flexible and feature-rich extension to SOAP to apply security to web services. It is a member of the WS-* family of web service specifications and was published by OASIS.(OASIS stands for Organization for Advancement of Structured Information Standard)

The protocol specifies how integrity and confidentiality can be enforced on messages and allows the communication of various security token formats, such as SAML, Kerberos, and X.509. Its main focus is the use of XML Signature and XML Encryption to provide end-to-end security.