Troubleshoot Stuck Batches

Troubleshoot Stuck Batches

If you’re unable to proceed with processing batches, use the following table to determine the possible cause and associated workaround.

Possible cause Workaround
The workflow is not deployed, or is corrupted. Re-deploy the workflow.

  1. Open the batch from the Batch Class Management screen.
  2. Click Deploy.
  3. Restart the batch at the first module.
A manual change was made in the Ephesoft Transact database while the Ephesoft Transact server was running.

For example, deleting entries from the Job table while Ephesoft Transact is running.

Avoid making changes to the database while the Ephesoft Transact server is running.
There are a large number of jobs in an Error state in the JBPM4_JOB table, causing batches to process slowly.
  1. Stop the Ephesoft Transact server.
  2. Clear out the error entries from the JBPM4_JOB table.
Batches may become stuck in the Running state due to custom scripts using Java Process Executor to execute a non-Java external application.

These custom scripts may not have effective error handling, which can contribute to stuck batches.

Analyze the script and make sure the custom code has effective exception handling.
Batches may become stuck in the Running state due to improper database connection management in custom scripts. Analyze the scripts for improved database connection management. Ensure only the required number of connections have been opened and that all the connections are closed properly.
Database deadlock issues occur when MSSQL is used in the back-end. Make sure all indexes are applied on the database.