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Setting Email Permissions

Semantik Invoice processes invoices that are sent from authorized emails to your tenant domain email. This is a separate list from the users in your tenant. To add users or admins to your Semantik Invoice tenant, read about Adding Users.

To edit these permissions, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings and click Import Setup.

Figure 1. Import Setup

The Import Setup screen displays (figure 2). This includes a Forward All Documents To email address for your Semantik Invoice tenant. You can also view the list of emails that can send invoices to your tenant.

Note: If there is only one email listed in System Should Only Accept Emails From, then you can’t delete it until you add another email.

Figure 2. Import Setup Screen Example

  1. Click Add Email.

The following text box displays.

Figure 3. Email Field

  1. Enter a valid email address. This email will be allowed to send and forward all documents to your Semantik Invoice tenant.

You can add or delete these emails as needed.

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