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Ephesoft Transact switch from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK: Frequently Asked Questions

Oracle has announced a decision to require a commercial (chargeable) license to be entitled to receive updates to the Oracle JDK. While there is a low likelihood this would impact customers in the future, Ephesoft has taken the decision, for the long term benefit of customers, to remove this dependency on the Oracle JDK.

As a result of this decision, Ephesoft is switching from using the Oracle JDK in Ephesoft Transact to incorporating OpenJDK. This switch will eliminate the Oracle JDK dependency and remove the potential requirement to purchase a separate chargeable JDK license from Oracle in the future.

This page provides answers to common questions about Ephesoft Transact and the switch from Oracle JDK 8.0 to Open JDK, this would become effective with the release immediately after Ephesoft Transact 2019.1.

Q1:      Why is Ephesoft switching from the Oracle JDK to Open JDK?

A1:       Ephesoft Transact has bundled and shipped the Oracle JDK with all versions of Ephesoft Transact including the currently supported versions of through 2019.1.  Transact installs and leverages Oracle’s JDK Version 8.0.

Effective January 1, 2019, Oracle has changed their licensing for future versions of the Oracle JDK. Oracle is requiring a (chargeable) commercial license for all future updates and patches to the Oracle JDK Version 8. Customers on Oracle JDK Version 8.0 are not required to upgrade or purchase a commercial license from Oracle.

Ephesoft has decided to replace the Oracle JDK with the (non-chargeable) Open JDK. The next release of Ephesoft Transact will transition to utilizing the OpenJDK instead of the Oracle JDK.

Q2:      Do customers need to upgrade Ephesoft Transact?

A2:       No — All currently supported versions of Ephesoft Transact ( – 2019.1) are supported and will remain in accordance with our published calendar on the Oracle JDK Version 8.0.

Q3:      Will existing deployments be affected?

A3:       No — Existing systems will continue to function as expected. Ephesoft Transact to 2019.1 will continue to function using the bundled Oracle JDK Version 8.0.

Q4:      Will customers need to purchase an Oracle JDK License?

A4:       No — A license is only required to receive updates of the Oracle JDK. Ephesoft Transact does not require these updates in order to function.

Q5:      Can I use the OpenJDK with 2019.1 or prior versions?

A5:       Ephesoft is currently certifying OpenJDK with the next Ephesoft Transact release. The first certification will be with this version. No certifications with prior versions are planned at this time.

Q6:      At what point would Oracle’s policy change impact customers?

A6:       Customers would only be impacted if Oracle identifies an issue requiring an update to the Oracle JDK and the customer is impacted by the issue and is required to take action.

Note: Oracle has not needed to update the Oracle JDK within the last 18 months

If this occurs, customers would have the following options:

  1. Upgrade to next planned release, thereby utilizing OpenJDK and removing the Oracle JDK dependency. (Recommended)
  2. Purchase a license for Oracle JDK and update version. (Note: this may require Ephesoft to conduct testing with this release to certify it with the relevant releases of Ephesoft Transact)

Q7:      What version of Oracle JDK do I have on my current Transact Release?

A7:       Transact – Java 8 – exact version 1.8.0_102

Transact – 2019.1: Java 8 – exact version 1.8.0_144

Q8:      What is Oracle JDK Version 8.0 and why is it in Ephesoft Transact?

A8:       Oracle JDK consists of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which is required to run the Ephesoft Transact java application. The Transact application also compiles Java scripts at runtime using the JDK which can be put in place for various customizations by Professional Services or Partner/Customer development resources. Ephesoft Transact also uses the JDK toolsets for debugging purposes.

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