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Known Issues and Workarounds 2020.1


Batch Class ManagementUsing Chrome, the “Document Type” menu options in the drop-down do not follow consistent formatThis issue occurs when the operator clicks anywhere on the drop-down bar to view the list. The workaround for this issue is to click directly on the drop-down symbol (▼).
InstallerIn some instances, the Silent Installer may fail to install the pre-requisites for Microsoft® Visual C++ redistributables.Prevent this issue by following the steps detailed in our Microsoft® Windows | Transact Silent Installation Guide.
InstallerAfter installing Ephesoft Transact 2020.1, JXplorer may fail to launch.To prevent this issue, ensure to re-start the server after installing Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.
InstallerAfter selecting the Log On option while installing Ephesoft Transact 2020.1, the following error may occur:

Error 1068: “The dependency service or group failed to start”.

To resolve this issue, the administrator can alter the log-on properties in settings.

To do so, open Task Manager > Services. Then right-click EphesoftTransact. Click Properties > Log On.

OCRA limitation with OpenText will cause EText mode to fail in scanning a document that does not have editable fields for headers and labels.To resolve this issue, navigate to the RecoStar plugin set in the Page Process module. Set Use EText Recostar Project File to Never or Automatic (not Always).
System Configuration: Installation/UpgradeWhen upgrading from Windows 2012 to Windows 2016 while also upgrading Ephesoft transact from 2019.2 to 2020.1, a licensing error may occur.To resolve this issue, install a new license of Ephesoft Transact. Contact for help.
UIIf Single Sign-On (SSO) is configured in an HTTPS connection, there may be some CSS loading issues at logout and login.This issue commonly occurs if the server is overloaded, or the network is unstable. To resolve this issue, refresh the page.
UpgradeWhen upgrading Ephesoft Transact from to 2020.1 on Windows 2016 with Oracle 11G, the following error message may display upon opening the Login screen:

This issue is only observed on Internet Explorer. To resolve this issue:

  • Switch to Google Chrome
  • Increase the connection pool size


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