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Software Updates 2020.1

Software updates (previously known as bug fixes) provide enhancements to the latest version of Ephesoft Transact. This includes security and compatibility enhancements and fixes for features.

In addition to the updates listed in Ephesoft Transact 2019.2 Service Pack, the following issues have now been resolved:

Ticket ID
EPHE: Axosoft
SF: Salesforce
EPHE-27018Admin: Fuzzy DB LookupFixed an issue where new Fuzzy Search dimensions were not being applied in the pop-up window.
EPHE-24191Batch Class Configuration: Batch Class MigrationFixed an issue where the same date conversion gave inconsistent results when a batch class was imported or copied.
EPHE-25603Batch Class Configuration: Batch Class MigrationFixed an issue where exporting large document types led to creating duplicates inside the file.
SF: 00004095Batch Class Configuration: Batch Class MigrationFixed an issue where the output stream used in downloading a ZIP file remained open, resulting in a downloaded ZIP file that was unopenable.
SF: 00004075Batch Class Configuration: Batch Class MigrationFixed an issue where the batch class import would throw an error in the DCMA logs, stating the “Batch Class ID is null” when using the Import or Override function.
EPHE-21084Batch Class Configuration: Learn FilesFixed an issue where uploading learn files to a large batch class would take a long time.
EPHE-28508Batch Class Configuration: Test ExtractionFixed an issue where test extractions would cause an error in OCR when the data contained a period(.).
EPHE-28932Batch Class Configuration: Test ExtractionFixed an issue where multiple redundant authorization checks caused uploading test extraction files to take upwards of 5 to 10 minutes. Uploading test extraction files should now take about 15 to 20 seconds.
SF: 00002709Batch Class Management UIFixed an issue where content was not accessible if the content of the document exceeded the dimensions of the screen.
EPHE-28433Connectivity/Security: 3rd Party VulnerabilitiesFixed a security vulnerability with the ImageMagick plugin by upgrading to a newer version.
SF: 00005844Connectivity/Security : CertificatesFixed an issue where a session timeout with a PIV certificate would cause Internet Explorer to freeze.
SF: 00002414Connectivity/Security : EmailFixed an issue where configuring a Microsoft Exchange account in the Email Configuration screen immediately after creating a batch class would cause an exception error in the logs.
SF: 00004546Connectivity/Security : EmailFixed an issue where email notifications would not push when a batch went to error due to an in-memory batch XML error.
EPHE-18500Connectivity/Security : LDAPFixed an issue where the Ephesoft SSL Authenticator put heavy strain on the LDAP server.
EPHE-21892Connectivity/Security : SAMLFixed an issue where the page would not automatically redirect to the SSO login page after performing SSO configuration.
SF: 00006025ExportFixed an issue where selecting Expedite export for an export PDF created using iText would update the file name, causing an error in validating the file signature.
EPHE-28645Export : batch.xml


Fixed an issue where batch class configuration generated empty table elements in the batch.xml even when tables were not configured.
SF: 00002652Export : FormatFixed an issue where exporting a batch instance with Auto Rotate enabled (set to ON) using GraphicsMagick would cause an error if a rotated image passed through iText in the Export module.
SF: 00004394


Export : Format ConversionFixed an issue where batch instances would get stuck in the Export module when PDF Optimization was enabled (set to ON).
SF: 00004604Export : Format ConversionFixed an issue where making changes in the GENERATE_BOD_XML plugin required restarting Ephesoft Transact for the changes to take effect.
EPHE-28378Export : Format/OptimizationFixed an issue where entering accented characters (e.g. á, ã, ā) in validation caused the SHAREPOINT_365_EXPORT_PLUGIN to error out during export.
EPHE-28511Export : Format/OptimizationFixed an issue with Recostar where enabling compression in the Export module resulted in a greyscale PDF, even when color was enabled (set to ON).
SF: 00002455Extraction : BarcodeFixed an issue where ZXing was unable to extract a barcode unless Use All Barcode Tools was enabled (set to ON).



SF: 00002549

SF: 00002548

SF: 00004133

SF: 00004887

Extraction: ETextFixed multiple EText extraction issues related to table extraction, character recognition, page processing, and general accuracy.
SF: 00003642Extraction : Format ConversionFixed an issue where processing strain from large batch instances would result in faulty format conversion.
SF: 00001453Extraction : Key-ValueFixed an issue where if the HOCR files in a batch instance included multiple consecutive stop characters (‘.’ or ‘:’), regex matching would continuously backtrack, causing the batch instance to fail once the batch class reached Enhanced Machine Learning.
SF: 00004128Extraction : Machine LearningFixed an issue where changes to the synonyms.po and regexes.po files in the SharedFolder would cause a batch to throw an error in the Extraction module of Machine Learning.
EPHE-22359Extraction : TableFixed an issue where data would fail to extract from tables after creating table validation rules, and the batch would go into error while executing the Machine_Learning_Based_Extraction plugin.
SF: 00003208Extraction : TableFixed an issue where batch instances would fail in the Extraction module when running the Table Extraction plugin due to the presence of special characters (e.g., &, @, %).
SF: 00003636Extraction : TableFixed an issue where extracting data from a table header with an unmatched closing parenthesis ‘)’ would cause syntax exceptions and OCR errors.
EPHE-19614Ingestion: Document AssemblyFixed an issue where batches containing JPG files would fail if DA File Name Boundary Classification was set to MergeDocumentsBelongingToSameFile in the Document Assembler plugin.
EPHE-28295Ingestion : Document ConversionFixed an issue where deleting the temporary backup folder caused an error, and corresponding batches went into error.
EPHE-28159Ingestion : Document ConversionFixed an issue where converting PDF to TIFF files using Ghostscript either imported blank pages or failed.
EPHE-26915Ingestion : Document PickupFixed an issue in the production environment where the RecoStar plugin would freeze, which required users to force stop the RecoStar plugin for batches to continue processing.
EPHE-28374Ingestion : Document PickupFixed an issue where sessions would not end when opening or closing batch instances and batch classes in clustered environments.
SF: 00003930Ingestion : Document PickupFixed an issue where uploading a PDF that has special characters (e.g., &, @, %) in the filename caused the batch to go into error.
EPHE-14217Ingestion: EmailFixed an issue where forwarding from multiple Microsoft Outlook emails caused import attachments to not process.
EPHE-28877Ingestion : Folder ImportFixed an issue where PDFs would fail to convert to TIFs during IMPORT_MULTIPAGE_FILES when processing PDF files using either RecoStar or Ghostscript.
EPHE-25843PerformanceFixed an issue where multiple executions in the database caused 100% of the CPU to be utilized.
SF: 00003841Processing : Data Migration/Cleanup


Fixed an issue where upgrading to Ephesoft Transact 2019.1 caused Database Cleanup to stop working.
EPHE-28420Processing : Folder ImportFixed an issue where including an ampersand (‘&’) in folder or file names caused errors in the Folder Import module.
SF: 00005191Processing : General WorkflowFixed an issue where batch instances got stuck running indefinitely while displaying as complete due to deadlock on the database when updating the status.
EPHE-21727System Configuration : Installation/ UpgradeFixed an issue with repeated log errors after upgrading from Ephesoft Transact to


System Configuration : Installation/UpgradeFixed an issue where user connectivity settings and group settings failed to update when installing an application with Active Directory (AD) configuration.
SF: 00004946System Configuration : Installation/UpgradeFixed a security issue on Linux which resulted in the shared folder permission changing from 777 to 755.
SF: 00006160System Configuration : LoggingFixed an issue where performing a service restart overwrote all log files.
SF: 00007191System Configuration : LoggingFixed an issue where information logs added to batch class scripts would not print in the dcma-all.log file.
SF: 00003655ValidationFixed an issue where re-scanning documents during the Review or Validation stages and restarting the batch from any previous module caused the batch to go into error.
EPHE-19229ValidationFixed an issue where the Force Review state on the Validation screen was not consistent with the OCR threshold.
EPHE-23563ValidationFixed an issue where the cursor automatically moves to the first tab on the Validation screen if multiple tabs or groups are defined for the batch class.
EPHE-24796ValidationFixed an issue where a blank tooltip would appear on the Validation screen.
EPHE-24676ValidationFixed an issue where the validation process failed to highlight empty fields on the Validation screen.
SF: 00002465ValidationFixed an issue where editing the value of a field on the Validation screen would not update the coordinates of the field in the Batch.XML file.
SF: 00002593ValidationFixed an issue where document types with the Index field set to List style and Force Review could not be validated unless the document type was reset to the original document type on the Validation screen.
SF: 00003510ValidationFixed an issue where missing in-memory batch XML caused batches to fail after the Review process.
SF: 00003641ValidationFixed an issue where low screen resolution caused clicking the MULTILINE field to trigger a page scroll up.
SF: 00004189ValidationFixed an issue where inserting a page in the Review or Validation screens automatically redirected to the first page of the document instead of the recently inserted page.
SF: 00004481ValidationFixed an issue where the Function Key script got stuck running indefinitely.
SF: 00003201Validation: API IntegrationFixed an issue with Rest API Lookup where a batch instance of the same batch class would stop on the Validation screen and fail to populate the values in the hidden fields of the corresponding batch.xml file.
SF: 00007555Validation: Function Key ScriptingFixed an issue where the Function Key script would fail to create tables that were viewable in Google Chrome.
EPHE-28687Validation: Fuzzy DB LookupFixed an issue where the Fuzzy DB controls on the Validation screen wouldn’t work if the fuzzy search returned no results.
SF: 00003990Web ScannerFixed an issue where the web scanner service needed an administrator login for uninterrupted use.
SF: 00003496Web ServicesFixed an issue where an incorrect “hocrFile” parameter caused the ExtractKV web service to error out.


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