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How to add Filebound Export Plugin in 4.0.x


Topic #1 : Add Filebound Export Plugin in 4.0.x

Applicable Ephesoft versions: 4.0.x

In the 4.0 release of Ephesoft, the FileBound Export Plugin was removed. In order to add it manually to the workflow, you will need to follow the instructions below.

Associated Download:



  1. Stop Ephesoft server
  2. Extract the content at a temporary location.
  3. Go to [Ephesoft_home]\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\* directory.
  4. Copy extracted directory dcma-filebound to META-INF folder.Structure of META-INF folder will be like:—META-INF—–|—–dcma-filebound—–|— applicationContext.xml



    |— init-testdata.sql

  5. Run below query in Ephesoft database :For MySQL :UPDATE plugin SET is_deleted=b’0′ WHERE  plugin_name=’FILEBOUND_EXPORT’; 

    For MS SQL:

    UPDATE plugin SET is_deleted=’0′ WHERE  plugin_name=’FILEBOUND_EXPORT’;

  6. Start Ephesoft Service


File bound export plugin will be added to available plugins list.



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