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Ephesoft with MFD’s

There are 2 ways to connect Ephesoft with MFDs

1. Make use of internal functions of the MFD like send to mail or send to folder and capture those images with Ephesoft.

2. Make use of our HP Display Integration, here we have small application running on the MFD which is communicating bidirectional with Ephesoft.

To activate the MFD client connectivity we have to activate our device manager on the Ephesoft Server. The device manager is an additional WebApplication running on the Ephesoft Server and will take care of the communication between MFD and Server. Devices which should be connected through the display integration need to run OXPdJS which is supported on devices with FutureSmart firmware version 3.7 or later.
Known Issues:
You may observe Pickup not working with MFD’s, in such cases it is advised to switch off the jnotify and enable the pickup on the basis of cron.
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