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Clustered Configuration: Max Process and Pick-Up capacity

Max Process Capacity:-

Number of batches processing at a time on a particular server in a cluster

Pick Up Capacity:-

Number of batches getting picked up at a time by the pick up server.

Configurable Properties:-

There are two properties which governs the above two parameters:

  1. Server.instance.max.process.capacity : this property defines the max process capacity of the server
  2. Server.instance.pick.capacity : this property defines the number of batches a server picks at an instance

These two properties are defined in class-path/META-INF/dcma-workflows/


Modes of Operation:-

There are two modes of operation, manual and dynamic.

Manual – The user has to manually change the property if any new server is added to the cluster or any server goes down. Once the property is changed, it is recommended to manually restart the server.

Dynamic – When these properties are calculated dynamically by the application, it avoids the restart step.


Two new features have been introduced to govern the calculation of the property values for Manual vs. Dynamic operation:

  1. server.instance.max.process.capacity.calculation.mode
    max process capacity will be calculated dynamically at the time of Ephesoft server start up, based on number of cores in the system
    1: max process capacity will be equal to value specified for server.instance.max.process.capacity
  2. server.instance.pick.capacity.calculation.mode
    pick up capacity will be calculated dynamically, equal to sum of max process capacity of servers in the system. This is done by Heart Beat service. It combines the execution capacity of all active servers in cluster and sets it as pick up capacity.
    1: pick process capacity will be equal to value specified for server.instance.pick.capacity


Rules for calculating server.instance.max.process.capacity:

 Number of cores  Server instance max process capacity
 <4 Number of cores
 <=8 Cores-1
 9-15 8
 16-32 10
 >32 15
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