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Ephesoft temp folder clean up


Ephesoft temp folder clean up feature helps to free the disc space consumed by the temporary folders within the Shared Folder of the Ephesoft installation directory created over a period of time.


Properties File Configuration

  • Firstly the following property needs to be uncommented from the applicationContext.xml of the application to initiate the service

<import resource=”classpath:/META-INF/applicationContext-tempfolder-cleanup.xml” />

  • Secondly the following properties have to be set for running the service. Changes are required to be made in the file located at path {EphesoftInstallationDirectory}\ Application \WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\ dcma-tempfolder-cleanup
S. No. Property Description Sample
1 tmp_cleanup.deletablefolders A list of folders within Shared folders contents of which are to be deleted. Folder names are separated by semi colon. tmp_cleanup.deletablefolders=web-service-folder;scannedImages;upload-batch-folder;temp;
2 tmp_cleanup.cleanup_age Deletes the files from the specified folders older than the given hours. tmp_cleanup.cleanup_age=24
3 tmp_cleanup.cronjob_expression Cronjob expression to schedule the service. tmp_cleanup.cronjob_expression = 0 0 12 * * ?

(runs at 12 pm every day)


Non SharedFolders directories

These are the temp directories outside SharedFolders:

  • <Ephesoft>\JavaAppServer\temp
  • <Ephesoft>\temp

For temp directories outside the SharedFolders, cleanup has to be performed manually. For automating this process, customer can write and schedule custom scripts which run periodically (weekly, bi-monthly) in which it:

  1. Stops Ephesoft service
  2. Cleans all temp directory
  3. Starts Ephesoft service


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