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Administrator Overview

Administrators using Ephesoft Transact are responsible for managing batch classes and batch instances. They also create regular expressions to identify what information in the documents is extracted and validated for the operator to process and review.

Overview of Administrator Navigation Menu

This navigation menu contains the same options as the login screen, with additional access to System Configuration for super-admins. This menu appears:

Figure 1. Administrator Menu

The following table provides a brief overview of each administrator page and its functions.

Feature Overview
Batch Class Management Primary configuration area where workflows, classification and extraction are configured and managed
Batch Instance Management Real-time screen that shows all current batches that are being processed along with a history of finished batches
Folder Management Windows Explorer access to specific areas of the Transact server to allow uploads and downloads of files without logging onto the Transact server
System Configuration Area for user security, database connection manager, regular expression repository, license info, etc.
Reports Reporting dashboard that will display standard and advanced reports
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