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Batch Class Copy


This feature allows a user to create copies of a batch class. The current selected batch class will be copied and all its configuration will be duplicated.


The batch classes can be copied to make different copies of it. The use of this functionality is to reduce the configurations to a minimum. When after selecting the batch class and clicking the copy button in the batch class management menu bar, a dialog appears which require the below specified configurations. Below shown is a screen shot for the same:

  1. Name: A unique name for the batch class is required. The selected batch class name is pre-populated. The name of that batch class has to be unique and cannot contain any characters from among the list of characters configured in properties file.
  2. Description: The description for the batch class. This value cannot be empty.
  3. Priority: The priority of that batch class is set. By default the priority of the batch class whose copy is being made is pre-populated. The priority field is a slider.
  4. UNC Folder: The path of the UNC folder is configured. By default the UNC path of batch class being copied is pre-populated. The UNC folder path should be unique, the folder should be present and should be empty. This path can also be a network path.



There are different validations for the fields, some are shown in the below screen shots.





If all the fields are validated then the batch class is copied on click of “OK” button. In the back-end all the folder structure of the batch class being copied is also copied. The new batch class is displayed in the grid.


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