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Mail Retry Mechanism


Usually a mail get processed in first try but sometime because of some uncertain reasons like open office is not working; mail server not responding etc., mail doesn’t get process. If there is no problem with the mail content then the probability of getting processed in second or third try is very high. As per current behavior of Ephesoft, if a mail doesn’t get processed, we mark it as unread and leave its processing for next batch job.

With this mail retry mechanism implementation we can provide number of times a mail needs to be tried before it is marked read by the application. We can also provide the time lag required between two successive mail processing retries. Both, the number of time a mail need to be processed and time lag between two successive retries are configurable properties. This feature help us to prevent a carp mail from going into infinite processing loop.


Configurable properties

Following are the configurable properties available for mail retry mechanism in mail-import properties file under META_INF dcma-mail-import directory:


[table caption=”” width=”800″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Configurable property,Type of value,Value options,Description
Number of retries~~~~(dcma.mail.import.max_mail_retry_count),Integer,An integer value,This value tell the maximum number of time a mail need to be tried before marking it as read and ~~stopping its further processing.~~~~Default value is: 3
Time Lag between two successive tries.~~~~(dcma.mail.import.mail_retry_interval),integer,An integer value,This value specify the time difference between two successive reties of a mail. The value need to be~~~~specified in milli second.~~~~Default value is: 2000 i.e. 2sec


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