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CMIS EXPORT – Supported Data Types


Ephesoft has a variety of options for exporting out your captured Documents and associated metadata in the Ephesoft solution. One of the options available is our CMIS Export Plugin, which allows you to export out your images and metadata to common Document Repository systems such as Alfresco and Documentum. Ephesoft support the export to these systems via the CMIS standard, and currently supports versions of CMIS 1.0 and CMIS 1.1.

Please see the following table of Ephesoft Data Types and the associated Data Types in the Alfresco and Documentum repository systems when utilizing the CMIS Export plugin.

List of Supported Data Types

Ephesoft Data TypeAlfresco Data TypeDocumentum Data TypeMultivalue / repeating value support?Comments
Stringd:textDM_STRINGNo *
Integerd:intDM_INTEGERNo *
Floatd:floatNo *
Doubled:doubleDM_DOUBLENo *
Dated:datetimeDM_TIMENo *
Booleand:booleanDM_BOOLEANNo *
Longd:longNo *Max allowed values: 999-999-999

* Note: The CMIS Export Plugin has a limitation from version and below in which it does not support the use of “Repeating” or “multivalued” field properties. This is currently under development for future versions of Ephesoft.

For more details about setting up the CMIS Export plugin in your setup, please see the following wiki article:

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