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Variables used by copy batch xml export plugin

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KB Article #9106: Variables used by copy batch xml export plugin

Topic/Category: Export

When Multipage File Export Folder and Multipage File Name fields are configured in COPY_BATCH_XML plugin Ephesoft supports following dynamic markers:

  6. DATE
  7. TIME
  8. DLF


If any of above mentioned dynamic markers are used then these will be replaced by their corresponding values when the document is exported.

Ephesoft does not support dynamic marker by the name DOCUMENT_IDENTIFIER.  By default all document names are appended with a document identifier in the file name at its end. Currently there is no provision to add the same at runtime.


Fixed strings can be used as it is. A field value like $BATCH_CLASS&_STRING&_&$DOCUMENT_TYPE would generate a resultant name something like BC1_STRING_Application-CheckList. Fixed string can be used standalone or in combination as explained above.  Only valid markers that are appended with a $ sign are searched and are replaced with values at runtime and fixed strings remain unaltered.


For BATCH_FIELD_VALUE we need to use the following to map it: $BATCH_FIELD_VALUE:Param, where Param = batch class field name. For example, if my Batch field name is Operator, I’d use $BATCH_FIELD_VALUE:Operator


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