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Black/White (grayscale) option for ITEXT

Black/White (grayscale) option for ITEXT


In the earlier version, the ITEXT did not have an option for colored PDF in the CREATEMULTIPAGE_FILES plugin in the Export module. The colored PDF option was disabled.

New Functionality

The switch for Colored Output PDF is enabled and user can set the property value {TRUE/FALSE} during the Plugin configuration depending on which output PDF file will be generated.

While the switch was introduced before Transact v. and the initial idea was to provide black and white output file, the functionality was later improved. Starting from Transact v. onward, the Colored Output PDF switch can be used to obtain grayscale images, since the quality of such output is much better than black and white.

If the value of the property is set as FALSE, the TIFF images from which the output PDF file is to be created will be converted into grayscale TIFF images (using ImageMagick) before passing them to ITEXT for PDF creation.

In case the property value is set as TRUE, the original images will be passed to the ITEXT for the PDF creation.


The switch will work only for colored input files, refer the table below:

Colored Output PDF Input Output
TRUE/FALSE Black and white Black and white
TRUE/FALSE Grayscale Grayscale
TRUE RBG Grayscale



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