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Export | Multipage PDF Compression

A new switch has been introduced in the Create Multipage Files plugin for compression of the final PDF files generated during batch export. The compression of output pdf file can be controlled by a switch ‘Compression switch’ {values ON, OFF} in the CREATEMULTIPAGE_FILES plugin. The compression factor is controlled by the property ‘Compression Factor’ {values 0.25f, 0.50f and .75f}. The compression factors do not necessarily decrease the export file size by half if we choose the compression factor as 0.50, it compresses the contained images by the defined factor (Compression Factor). So, maximum compression happens on selection of 0.25 compression factor and least for 0.75 compression factor.

If the size of the image is X MB and Compression Factor is 0.50, the file is compressed to X*0.50 in dimension.

It reduces the overall disc size.

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