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Set Coordinates


This feature allows a user to specify coordinates on Table of uploaded image.


New button (Set Coordinates) is added at following UI to set the coordinates for column:

[Batch Class List]>>[Batch Class]>>[Document Type]>>[Table Info]>>[Table Column Info]


Figure: Set Coordinates On Table Column Extraction Rule

On clicking the Set Coordinates button, new UI will open where user can select an image and select column coordinates by drawing a zone on image.


Figure: Set Coordinates

  • User need to draw a rectangle to select the start and end column coordinates for selected column.
  • To select coordinates for other columns, select that column from the drop down list on left hand side. This drop down contains names of all the table columns for selected columns.
  • Clear Button: On clicking Clear button, coordinates for selected table column will be cleared.
  • Clear All Button: On clicking Clear All button, coordinates for all the table columns of the selected table will be cleared.


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