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Import Multipage Files – Break Multipage Tiff

The Import Multipage Files plugin is required when running a batch on multipage images.

Existing Functionality

If the Tiff files are of size more than 15 MB, this plugin breaks the multipage Pdfs and Tiffs into multiple single page Tiffs. The multipage Pdfs are converted into single page Tiffs using ghostscript whereas the multipage Tiffs are converted to single page Tiffs using imagemagic.

New Functionality

A new switch has been introduced in the Import Multipage Files plugin for breaking multipage Tiff files into multiple single Tiff files. If the switch is configured, the conversion and breaking into multipage single Tiff files is done irrespective of the size of the imported images via another utility i.e. libtiff. It increases the overall processing time and reduces the size of the converted images (approximately similar to the input Tiff file).

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