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Creation of Log Event When Application is Stopped / Concurrent Use is Detected

Previously, no logs were created when the application was stopped or when the same credentials were used to initialize concurrent sessions from different workstations.

In Ephesoft Transact v., the application server generates log records every time:

  • the user stops the application using the recommended procedure (pressing Ctrl+C for Tomcat or by stopping the Ephesoft Transact Service), and
  • the system detects concurrent logons from different workstations to the application management interface.

These events are recorded and stored in the dcma-all log in the logs folder (<Ephesoft Installation Directory>Applicationlogs):

C:UsersEphesoftAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.Wordlog folder.png


Now, whenever you stop the application using the recommended procedure, the log will show the entry “Application Context has been destroyed”.

C:UsersEphesoftAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.Wordstop event1.png

Note: If you do not follow the recommended procedure for stopping the application (e.g. by clicking the X icon or by shutting down the server), this event will not be recorded and will not be stored in the logs.


Whenever a given user logs in from different workstations concurrently, the system will also record this event and the log file will contain the log record “User <user name> logged on from multiple workstations”.

C:UsersEphesoftAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.Wordconcurrent event1.png

The system does not prevent concurrent use of the application, but information about this event is now included in the logs.

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