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Ephesoft Transact 2019.1 Service Pack


This Service Pack for Ephesoft Transact 2019.1 addresses a number of issues identified after the launch of Ephesoft Transact 2019.1 on January 31st, 2019. This is a MANDATORY Service Pack install. It must be applied to ensure that Ephesoft Transact functions properly.

This Service Pack addresses five specific issues:

  1. Batch Class Edits — Edits to the batch class are not saved correctly when the Apply button is pressed
  2. Function Key Mapping — Function key mapping does not save correctly and cannot be applied to a batch class
  3. Key Value Rules Creation — Creating Key-Value (KV) rules takes too long or times out
  4. Security Enabled PDFs — Unable to process owner type password protected PDF when EText is enabled
  5. Document Merging — Documents are not merged correctly if the user does not click Review in the Review Validate screen

Download Link

Obtain the Ephesoft Transact 2019.1 Service Pack from the following location:

For information about installing the Service Pack, refer to the following documents:


This article provides details about these issues with the assigned Ephesoft support ticket numbers.

Batch Class Edits (Support Ticket: #EPHE-26981)

When editing a batch class, some changes were not saved after the user clicked Apply in the Batch Class Management screen. This issue persisted after the first click of Apply, even though the Apply button changed to blue, indicating that changes were accepted. A second press of the button would save the changes, but the user interface did not give any indication that advises the user of this requirement. This affected the ability to persist changes to document types and index fields within the batch class.

Function Key Mapping (Support Ticket: #EPHE-26991)

Ephesoft Transact enables users to create function key mapping in a batch class, to include adding and saving mapping when the user clicks Apply and Deploy. However, this mapping would disappear when the user closed and then re-opened the same batch class and document type that had been configured.

Key Value Rules Creation (Support Ticket: #EPHE-27651)

Ephesoft Transact could experience excessive delays or timeouts when the user attempted to create Key-Value rules within the learning screens. In this instance, all pages were OCR’d instead of just the first document.

Security-Enabled PDFs (Support Ticket: #EPHE-27727)

Ephesoft Transact could experience errors with security-enabled (owner protected) PDF files, which are password-protected. Such errors could occur when the PDF files were processed with the EText processing feature enabled. User-protected PDFs which are fully encrypted PDFs are fully protected and Transact can NOT process these documents and never has, since they are fully protected.

Document Merging (Support Ticket: #EPHE-27644)

Ephesoft Transact could create a scenario during document review in which users had a risk of approving a batch instance without realizing that pages or documents had been deleted. This issue had the following indicators:

    • If the user merged documents, but did not click Review, the user interface would show that documents were merged.
    • If the user clicked Merge, the current document was no longer grayed out. The user could click the same document again, assuming that this was the document to merge.

When this occurred, the current document would disappear. There was a risk that a user could approve a batch, having deleted pages or documents.

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