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Software Updates 2020.1.06


Software updates provide enhancements to the latest version of Ephesoft Transact. This release includes compatibility enhancements and fixes for features.

Software Updates

Salesforce ID Category Issue
00021054 Batch Class Import

Document Types Import

Transact took excessive time with import and export operations where content included a large number of document types.
00021054 Batch Class Export

Batch Class Import

When exporting and importing a large Batch Class (200+ document types or approximately 5GB or larger in size), the export timed out and became unresponsive.
00022412 Batch Instance Management When a batch class was encrypted, Expedite Export failed with a keystore error message.



Email Import When importing email file attachments with special characters (\/:*?<>|) in the file names, Transact would ignore those attachments without triggering a batch instance error.
00024786 Email Import Emails from users did not display special characters like “§” or umlauts, like “ü” or “ä.”
00024188 Email Configuration When Transact validated an email address, an error displayed for some valid email addresses.
00018293 File Import When a .jpg file was converted into a .tif file via GraphicMagick, the batch instance raised the following error: Exception in import. Folder Invalid Folder name = <FOLDER NAME>
00024136 Fuzzy DB Improved Fuzzy DB learning performance.
00024687 ICR checkbox detection Some Transact users were unable to process/extract documents in the KV(check box) screen and received the following error message:

Unable to perform KV extraction, please see logs

00023377 ImageMagick Added EXE files that were missing from the 7.0.11-7 ImageMagick upgrade.
00026724 Install/ Upgrade After updating Transact, Transact would display duplicate option names in drop-down lists across plugin configurations.

Note: This error did not occur for fresh Transact installations.

00024030 Translation When splitting a document in the review validate screen, Transact would be unable to translate the button labels on the split document popup screen.
00024715 RecoStar When processing some TIFFs via OCR using the 2020.1.03 version of Transact, the following error displayed: Unprocessable Entity


RecoStar  Character extraction accuracy has been improved for tables, zeros, and “O”s.
00025448 Reports Reporting cleanup queries failed. Errors in logs showed INSERTION or UPDATE errors.

Note: This error does not occur for fresh Transact installations.

00025268 Reports Reports were not working when there was duplicate data in a table.
00020419 Reports When some Throughput Reports were exported to Excel, the batch times displayed incorrectly.


Validation Transact no longer retained Fuzzy DB Windows settings after upgrading to 2020.1.04.


Validation The hidden tab showed on the validation screen and prevented “validate” from functioning correctly.
00016880 Validation  Documents would not be validated if it has only one document level field defined and the document level field is marked as hidden.













Improved thumbnail load times, system performance, merge operations,deadlock, report queries, document field layout, and error message handling.
00024516 Web Services When creating custom document types using the Ephesoft API in version 2020.1.03, KV extraction rule coordinate information was not retained.
N/A Web Scanner Web Scanner support for simultaneous, multiple Windows user profiles on a single workstation.
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