Recostar Image Size Limitation

Applies to: All version of Ephesoft Transact


The following problems may occur when processing large image files using RecoStar on Windows OS:

  • Prolonged processing times
  • Backed up batch instances
  • Time out errors

Root Cause:

Recostar has the following image size limitations:

  • Maximum document height: 12000 pixels
  • Maximum document width: 16000 pixels


If you are using larger files, then it may be necessary to adjust your imported TIF files so it will automatically adjust the images you need to process in Ephesoft.

Use the IM Convert Output Image Parameters value to adjust your files. An example is provided below:

-resize 4000×4000> -compress LZW

In this example, the specified parameter will only resize the image with dimensions greater than 4000×4000 pixels. It will also maintain the aspect ratio of the image. RecoStar is now able to successfully perform OCR on images.