Recostar Patch for QR Bacodes


Due to low quality of QR Bar-codes, Recostar is not able to properly Recognize the bar-code and provide the correct value.

This affects Bar-code Classification step used in the Recostar_OCR Plugin. Batches either error-ed out or not classification was able to be made on the documents and forced batches into the READY_FOR_REVIEW state.


[Download Link]

A new Service Pack for our Recostar Engine was recieved and allows for better Barcode recognition, especially in the case of lower quality QR Codes.


  1. Download the Service pack from the link above
  2. Extract contents of .zip file
  3. Merge the Bin folder from the downloaded file into existing C:\Ephesoft\Application\native\RecostarPlugin\bin folder.
  4. Restart Ephesoft