Issue Description:

Recostar project failes when testing with a Handprint form.This occurs when performing Handprint ICR against the country “English”. The error thrown is as below:

RecoStarEngine] RecoStar returns: 2 0 95 0: # Cannot load document description

Can not load hand print RecoStar classifier, may be due to missing license, Form_Id=0, Area_Id=19
Error number 0x010b – Info  0x0000 0x0013 0x0001
Lc_LoadPC: Error in document description data.Lc_LoadPC(): Cannot load document description.
LGK-Error: ECL:0 ECO:5f(95) ECE:0, State:0, Function:49 <# Cannot load document description>.)
Source: Class FormOperator@Operator

[None] Init failed – cannot load recognition parameters”




This happens because English is not a country name so change “English” to a specific country name like “USA”. This change will resolve the issue.