Troubleshooting Reporting Feature

On pressing “SyncDB” button from UI, user may get several possible errors. Here is the list of few such common errors.

IssuePossible fix/reason
In apache-tomcat logs, {apache_tomcat_home}logs , if user gets “Unable to make connections to underlying database”Cause:– Database credentials are incorrect in either of the following files:-

  1. {ephesoft_home}
  2. {installer}Reportephesoft-reportingMETA-INFhibernate-dcma.cfg.xml
  3. {installer}Reportephesoft-reportingMETA-INFhibernate.cfg.xml
“Reports” tab in invisible in admin UI.Cause:-In {ephesoft_home}, please check whether the following property is set to true.enable.reporting=true
No data is populated in the reports database and there is no error as well or there is no data displayed on the reporting screen.Possible Cause 1:- The standalone installer is unable to make connections to reporting or ephesoft database or this application failed to start up.Diagnosis Steps:-

Make the changes to hibernate-dcma.cfg.xml as follows:- {installer}Reportephesoft-reportingMETA-INFhibernate-dcma.cfg.xml
<property name=”show_sql”>false</property>

Change it to:-

<property name=”show_sql”>true</property>

Make similar change to “hibernate.cfg.xml” file.

Run the standalone application using “ant” tool. In order to do this, please do the following:-
Go to command prompt.
Navigate to “apache-antin” folder
Type the following:-
ant –f {path_to_installer} Reportephesoft-reportinguild.xml


This step would display any errors in the standalone application on the command prompt.

Logs for reporting are generated in the path: {path_to_installer}dcma_report_all.log.


Possible Cause 2: Table ‘last_update_time’ is empty. This table should contain a row, when ‘reports’ database is created.

Diagnosis Step: Insert a row in ‘last_update_time’ table.

Insert query for MYSQL:

insert into last_update_time(last_update_time,is_already_in_use) values(0,0);

Insert query for MSSQL:

insert into last_update_time(last_update_time,is_already_in_use) values(0,0);