Reports Logi License Expiration

Applies to: All versions of Ephesoft Transact


When using any version of Transact Reporting and Advanced Reporting, the following alert may appear on the Reports page:

License File Note
The Logi Info Server license file … for this computer expired on … Running under a grace period until … Click here to visit Logi DevNet and learn more.

Root Cause

This issue is caused by an expiring license for Logi Info Server, a third-party tool. 

Logi Info Server is isolated to the visual elements seen on the Reports pages and WILL NOT affect Transact batch processing or configuration.


Transact On-premises customers will be required to apply a new Logi license file to continue to use Reports and to resolve the alert message. Transact Cloud users will have the license file applied automatically to their systems with no additional actions required.

The file will need to be installed on each Transact server and will not require a restart. 

To apply the license file, perform the following:

  1. Open a Support Ticket to get the new Logi Info Server license file.
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file provided.
  3. Go to [Ephesoft_Directory]\EphesoftReports.
  4. Backup and delete the existing lgx*.lic file from the EphesoftReports folder. 

Note: To back up the file, rename it and move it to another directory.

  1. Copy the downloaded lgx*.lic to the EphesoftReports folder. The new file should have a numeric prefix of “11” or “12” depending on your version. For example, lgx110102.lic.
  2. Refresh the Reports page in your browser to resolve the alert.