Restore a Deleted Batch Class from Ephesoft Transact UI

Applies to: All version of Transact

If a user accidentally deletes a Batch Class from the Ephesoft UI, and has not saved a backup copy, and would like to restore it, follow the steps below.

User Instructions

  1. Login into your Ephesoft database and find the batch_class table. Run a select query on the Batch Class that you have deleted. You will see a boolean value of 1 (may be listed as True) under the is_deleted column. Update the SQL Table column so that the is_deleted column value is changed back to a boolean value of 0 or False.

    Figure 1. Batch Class table

  2. You will also notice after deleting a Batch Class from the Ephesoft UI that the unc_folder column appends a BC24-deleted to the path.

    Figure 2. unc_folder path

  3. Run a similar UPDATE script to rename back the unc_folder to its original path as MytestBC.

    Figure 3. Update query to rename

  4. Run an UPDATE script to set is_deleted value to 0.

    Figure 4. Update query to set is_deleted value to 0

  5. Lastly, go to your unc drop folder path and rename the shared path folder name to MytestBC as well.

    Figure 5. unc drop folder

  6. Once you have completed all the above steps, you will see your Batch Class in the Ephesoft UI again.