This document defines the operations that can be done on a batch in review state. During this stage, the user can perform various operations on the batch like classifying, splitting, copying, deleting the document etc. The document also explains the various plugin properties that can be set for batches that are in review state. Whenever batch comes to review state, its status is changed to “Ready for Review” and it needs to be reviewed by the user manually, if it is not reviewed automatically (i.e. its confidence score is less than the specified threshold). After the review, the batch processing continues until it reaches validation stage.

To access a Batch in Review state, user needs to hit the URL {http://localhost:8080/dcma/ BatchList.html}, Click on Review subtab and then click on a batch displayed in the grid.




This will open a batch on Review screen (see below screenshot)





Please follow the below steps to set Review plugin properties:

  • Login to the Ephesoft Admin Module (Batch Class Management).
  • Navigate to Batch Class -> Modules -> Review Document module -> Review Document plugin.






[table caption=”” width=”800″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Configurable property,Type of value,Value options,Description
External Application Switch,List of~~values,ON~~OFF,This field is used to develop external modules or applications and integrate them to work together with Ephesoft.
X Dimension,Integer,Integer~~value,To specify the x-dimension of the external application in pixels.
Y Dimension,Integer,Integer~~value,To specify the y-dimension of the external application in pixels.
“URL1 Title, URL2 Title, URL3 Title and URL4 Title”,String,N-A,These properties hold titles for the external application.
“URL1 (Ctrl+4), URL2 (Ctrl+7), URL3 (Ctrl+8) and URL4 (Ctrl+9)”,String,N-A,”To fire the specified External Application for a batch on the Review Validate UI. URL of the external application is specified here which can be accessed via shortcut keys (Ctrl+4, etc.) as well as by pressing buttons defined. (App 1, App4, App2, App 3 as can be seen in the below UI).”



Review screen with External Application switch ON will look something like this:




Features List

There are three panels in the review screen.

  • Left-most-panel or 1st panel – showing document tree having all classified and unclassified Ephesoft documents in a batch.
  • Middle-panel or 2nd panel – contains the review panel and the thumbnail images of next and previous document pages. Review panel contains the list of document types and the list of documents available for merging. Thumbnail images of the previous and the following document, wrt current selected document, are shown.
  • Right-most-panel or 3rd panel shows the enlarged image of the selected document.




In the document tree, there are classified as well as unclassified documents. Classified documents are marked by a green tick on its right-top. Unclassified documents are marked by a red question-mark on its right-top.

Clicking on shortcuts will open a table of shortcuts for operations like saving, splitting, merging, deleting the document etc.




The top-most-panel contains the buttons/shortcuts for splitting, deleting, rotating the document, etc.