This assumes that you have followed the instructions for creating a samba share from the instructions either on the knowledgebase article or the instructions included with the Ephesoft installer. If you are able to see the shared folder from another workstation, but are unable to access the share with a permissions error, please follow the steps below to help diagnose the issue.


Steps to take:

1. Check the Samba log on the server hosting the Samba share at /var/log/samba

2. It will list a separate log for each workstation that has attempted to connect to the Samba share. Look for the file with the IP address for the workstation from which you tried to connect and received the permissions error.

3. If you see an error message that says ‘..libcli/auth/ntlm_check.c:54(smb_pwd_check_ntlmv1) smb_pwd_check_ntlmv1: incorrect password length (74) follow the next step.

4. Check the SELinux status with the following command:

sudo getenforce

5. If the return is ‘Enforcing’, run the following command to set SELinux to permissive

sudo setenforce 0

6. Restart the samba service with the respecive commands from either the Ubuntu or RHEL instructions on the wiki.

7. Test accessing the share from the other workstation. If the issue is resolved, contact your system administrator and ask advise them of the changes you have made and ask them to review the SELinux settings on the Server hosting the Samba share.