What artefacts to provide to Support when seeing Performance Issues ?

This wiki article focuses on what all artefacts are required to be provided to support team in order to troubleshoot below reporting issues:

  •  Observing Performance Issues ?
  •  Observing Slowness on User Interface ?
  •  Observing Low PPM Processing ?


In case you are observing any of the above reported issues then you can start by reporting the issue to ephesoft support team by creating a new ticket at tickets@ephesoft.com. To speed up the process we request you to provide below information to us prior opening a ticket.


Environment Related information

  • Ephesoft version you are currently on ?
  • Environment architecture as below:
    • Is this a single server or a cluster environment ?
    • Does database exist on same server or different server ?
    • Does shared folder exist on same server or different server ?
    • Each server specifications in terms of Memory, No. of Cores & O.S.
    • Do you have any other application running on the same server ?
    • Send the screenshots of below when you are observing slowness from Task Manager Details & Performance Tab:
      • CPU & Memory Usage in Performance Tab of Task Manager
      • Details tab of processes sorted by memory highest
      • Details tab of processes sorted by CPU highest
  • How much memory is allocated to Tomcat ?
    • Navigate to Ephesoft/JavaAppServer/Bin
    • Open EphesoftEnterprise.exe
    • Go to Java Tab and send us what value is assigned to Initial Memory Pool & Maximum Memory Pool.
  • How many operators / users are logged in to the UI ?
  • Verify if you are have enough Hard Disk space available.
  • Any Ephesoft provided hot-fixes applied ?


Batch Instance Related Information:

  • How many BI’s are you processing in a day ?
  • What is average number of pages per BI ?
  • Check size and dimension of the TIFF files for the batches where you see performance issues?


License Related Information:

  • Do you have High Performance License available ?


Database Related Information:

  • Get a count of records present in ephesoft database for below tables:
    select count (1) from ACT_HI_ACTINST;
    select count (1) from ACT_HI_PROCINST;
    select count (1) from ACT_HI_VARINST ;
    select count (1) from batch_instance; also check BI’s in FINISHED & DELETED STATE
  • Send us a screenshot of server_registry table.
  • Send us a screenshot of last_execution table.
  • Send us a screenshot of service_status table.
  • What is the size of the ephesoft and report database ?
  • Send screenshot of below query:

select BUSINESS_KEY_, START_TIME_,END_TIME_,DURATION_ from ephesoft.act_hi_procinst order by DURATION_ DESC

  • Send screenshot of act_ru_job table in ephesoft database.



  • Enable INFO Level Logging & Gather INFO level dcma-all.log, dcma-report.log (Ephesoft -> Application -> Logs) & stdout.log(Ephesoft -> JavaAppServer -> Logs).


Artifacts Required to Replicate the issue at our end:

Properties file:

  • Please ZIP complete WEB-INF folder from server /servers and provide all the properties files.
  • Key files required are
    • workflow.properties
    • application.properties
    • folder-monitor.properties
    • import-folder.properties
    • mail-import.properties
    • dcma-reporting.properties

Batch Class:

  • If you are seeing issue with specific Batch class then please provide an exported Batch Class ZIP file from User Interface to us.

Sample Files:

  • If you are seeing performance issues with specific Batch Instances then provide us the actual pdf file in DROP folder and its associated folder created in ephesoft-system folder.


Once we have above information we can start analyzing the issue and come back to the customer with our analysis / suggestions / workarounds.