An error appears in the DCMA-ALL.log file after Ephesoft starts up.

Sample error:

[TimeStamp] [http-8090-2] ERROR org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.[Catalina].[localhost].[/dcma]- bmService: WARNING: Failed to get the SerializationPolicy ‘FC0E6F527188694F500A4E56C9054057’ for module ‘http://localhost:8090/dcma/bm/’; a legacy, 1.3.3 compatible, serialization policy will be used. You may experience SerializationExceptions as a result.

Solution:The DCMA-Batch.Properties was set to use the the Server Host Name. The user was logging into ephesoft using the Localhost URL instead. This error will appear at log-in only. The impact of this error is minimal and will only affect the access for viewing batch files in REVIEW or VALIDATION.

What to do:Change the Ephesoft URL to use the servername instead of Localhost.

NOTE: On Internet Explorer this may not work as listed above – if not you may be forced to use the RESET button under advanced settings to reset IE and it should work fine.  Be advised that this method will reset Internet Explorer to its newly installed state. (Toolbars and add-ons will be disabled).