You are having an error in Ephesoft and our application support engineers have asked you to set your Ephesoft installation to INFO level logging.


By default, only error messages are logged in the Ephesoft logs. In a majority of support requests, our support engineers will request a copy of info level logs. This is in order to diagnose your issue in better detail as it allows us to see exactly where in the process the error is happening from an application standpoint. It is recommended but not required that you collect info level logs before escalating an issue to support


Please follow the steps below. This will set Ephesoft to create more detailed logs for the Application Support team so that they can better assist with your issues. Please also read notes below.

1. Stop Ephesoft service (or application if started as a java application)

2. In the <Ephesoft Install Directory>\Application\log4j.xml file, change the following setting from ERROR to INFO.

<logger name=”com.ephesoft”>
<level value=”ERROR” />

<logger name=”com.ephesoft”>
<level value=”INFO” />

3. Save file

4. Start Ephesoft Service (or application if you are not running as a service)

Files Effected:

Ephesoft 4.x and after (Windows):

<Ephesoft Install Directory>\Application\logs\dcma-all.log

<Ephesoft Install Directory>\JavaAppServer\logs\stdout.log

<Ephesoft Install Directory>\JavaAppServer\logs\catalina.log

Ephesoft 4.x and after (Linux):

<Ephesoft Install Directory>/Application/logs/dcma-all.log

<Ephesoft Install Directory>/JavaAppServer/logs/catalina.out

<Ephesoft Install Directory>/JavaAppServer/logs/catalina.<date>.log


INFO level log files can grow very quickly. It is recommended that you change back to ERROR level after you have supplied the info level logs to the Application Support team. You will follow the same directions above, but change the value from INFO to ERROR.