KB0014664: Spike in CPU After Installing Web Scanner Service

Users with Ephesoft may see a potential issue with the Web Scanner Service for version, where leaving the installed service running on a workstation causes a sudden and unexpected spike in the workstation CPU. Current workarounds to bypass the issue were to kill the ScannerUIEnabler.exe process from Task Manager, or to disable or uninstall the service.


This issue has been tested and fixed with the included patch, available for download here

What Solution Contains:

1. ScannerUIEnabler.exe: This utility is responsible for bringing scanner driver UI messages/pop-ups on top.

2. ScannerUIEnabler.exe.config: This a config file which contains two properties namely:

a. pollInterval default value 2000 (milli seconds)

b. loggingEnabled default value false (true should be used if logging is required, this is only for debugging, no logging is actually required)

How to deploy the changes:

1. Stop Ephesoft Scanner Service

2. Make backup of <EphesoftScannerService>\scanneruienabler folder.

3. Now replace ScannerUIEnabler.exe and ScannerUIEnabler.exe.config in <EphesoftScannerService>\scanneruienabler

4. Start Ephesoft Scanner Service and check if service and ScannerEnablerUI has started

5. Commence with testing

Note:* New executable will prevent spawning of new ScannerUIEnabler process if one is already executing