Steps to generate new in Linux environment

To create a new file and delete the old license file:
1. Stop ephesoft
2. navigate to /opt/Ephesoft/Dependencies/licensing/
3. delete the file. (sample command: sudo rm -rf ./
4. run this command while in the licensing directory after the file has been deleted: sudo ./license-info ./

Do not forget the ./ at the end as this will tell the script where to place the new file and sudo is required since it will query system files.
5. delete the ephesoft.lic file in the /opt/Ephesoft/Dependencies/license-util/ephesoft-license-installer (sample command: sudo rm -rf /opt/Ephesoft/Dependencies/license-util/ephesoft-license-installer/ephesoft.lic
6. Delete the directory /etc/.java/.systemPrefs/com/ephesoft (sample command: sudo rm -rf /etc/.java/.systemPrefs/com/ephesoft)
7. install new ephesoft.lic file made with the new file by placing the ephesoft.lic in the /opt/Ephesoft/Dependencies/license-util/ephesoft-license-installer/
8. then run the command sudo ./ locally to /opt/Ephesoft/Dependencies/license-util/ephesoft-license-installer/
9. Start Ephesoft service