You are configuring Ephesoft to use Active Directory as the authentication for users and you would like to test the configurations that you have set in the file.



This can be done using a tool that is included in the Ephesoft installation. This tool is located here: <Ephesoft Install Folder> \Dependencies\OpenLDAP2.4\ldap-client\jxplorer-3.2.1\jxplorer.bat.

First, we check our configuration in the file.

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Once you run the JXplorer.bat file in the location above, go to File>Connect in the JXplorer application that opens.

Using the settings that I have configured in this file, we will insert the details into the JXplorer connection page as follows:

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Note that the server hosting the Active Directory is in the host field, and the port with which you intend to connect to is in the port for the server. Please review the product documentation for details on which port to use.

The Base DN will be the DC aspect of the connection string to the active directory server. In our case, it is DC=corp,DC=ephesoft,DC=com. It is important that neither the file nor the JXplorer Base DN have any spaces here.

For the user, you can use either the full user connection string, or in the case of an error, you can supplement this with the user’s Active directory address such as This is not the recommended method, but using this can help diagnose issues with the user’s location string.

Once connected, you will see the following list which will let you see what aspects of Active Directory which are viewable to the user.

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