Tiff Images Generated by Ephesoft Are Stretched in Appearance

You may run into an issue with Ephesoft where the TIFF files generated by Ephesoft after Folder Import appear to be stretched or extended horizontally, making the appearance they are rendered in look awkward. You may see this issue in the Ephesoft UI during Review or Validation. In addition, TIFF files that you previewed before ingestion to Ephesoft appeared fine, but now also may be showing as stretched when viewing the newly created files in applications such as IrfanView. You will also be able to see this in various browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox or IE.

The best settings to render these newly created TIFF files correctly would be to set both the Ephesoft – Folder Monitor – Import Multipage Files plugin – IM Convert Output Image Parameters and the GM Convert Output Image Parameters to the following:


-compress LZW -resample 200×200

then Apply and Deploy the saved configuration. This should resolve the distorted display of the TIFF files in all locations.