Transact 2022.1 Fails to Start After Upgrade: “Unable to Process this Request” IOException applicationContext-autotableservice.xml

Applies to: Transact upgraded to 2022.1 and above with the AI Table Rule Builder previously installed.


After upgrading Transact to version 2022.1 or above with the AI Table Rule Builder previously installed, Transact will fail to start properly.

When logging into Transact, you may receive the following error message: Unable to process this request.

The localhost.log file may contain this error message:

Caused by: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException:
IOException parsing XML document from class path resource
[META-INF/applicationContext-autotableservice.xml]; nested exception is class path resource
[META-INF/applicationContext-autotableservice.xml] cannot be opened because
it does not exist


 To resolve this issue:

  1. After upgrading Transact, reinstall the AI Table Rule Builder. Refer to the Transact AI Table Rule Builder Installation guide for steps.
  2. Restart Transact.