Transact v4.5.0.0 Performance is Slower than v4.1.2.0 when Using Recostar Saveimage

Ephesoft Transact v4.5.0.0 performs more slowly than Transact v4.1.2.0 when processing a small, 20-page PDF file using the Recostar SaveImage.exe files.

This is applicable only if you are using “Recostar” in Folder Import process. The slowness is observed only during PDF to TIFF conversion of folder import process.

Root Cause:
Ephesoft found that the duration of processing with the Recostar saveimage.exe files was five times longer than with the Transact v4.5.0.0 installation:

  • The 20-page PDF file required 8 seconds of processing time on Transact v4.1.2.0.
  • This same file required 32 seconds for processing on Transact v4.5.x.x.
  • This issue also exists on Transact v4.5.0.1 and v4.5.0.2.


This issue is scheduled to be resolved in Ephesoft Transact v2019.1.

In the meantime, please use the following suggested workaround to address slower processing with the Recostar saveImage.exe files:

1. Copy the SaveImage.exe files located in the Ephesoft\Application\native\RecostarPlugin\bin directory of the Transact v4.1.2.0 installation.

You can also click this link to download the files:

2. Copy and replace the files over to the Transact v4.5.0.0 installation, under the same directory.

3. Restart the Transact service.

These steps will improve the performance on the installation of Transact v4.5.0.0. This workaround can also be used for Transact v4.5.0.1 and v4.5.0.2.

The following snapshots illustrate the Recostar SaveImage files to be copied.

Recostar SaveImage exe files — 1 of 2


Recostar SaveImage exe files — 2 of 2