Applies to: v3.0.3.4 or lower

ISSUE: Web scanner fails to load and displays the error: Unable to perform action.: INITIALIZE on the Web Scanner applet”


CAUSE: Security updates added in Java 7 update 45 and up only allows java calls without any security dialog prompt only if JAR is signed by a trusted CA.

SOLUTION: Sign The JAR file using Signing utility available here:

1.Please rename the attached file to .zip extension. Extract the attached ‘’ to ‘JarSigningNewCertifiacteFeature’ folder.
2. Folder will contain the following things:-

  • Output folder. (Select this as your destination directory.)
  • (Store containing certificate used for signing the JAR files.)
  • SignJar.exe. (Utility for signing the jar files.)

3. Place the jars to be signed inside the ‘JarSigningNewCertifiacteFeature’ folder.
4. Double click on ‘SignJar.exe’.
















5. Select the ‘source jar’ to be resigned.
6. Select the ‘destination directory’ where the resigned jar needs to be placed.
7. Select the ‘store’ to be used for resigning.
8. For the current store attached use the default values for all the other fields.
9. Click on ‘SignJar’ Button.