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Known Issue#9076: Unable to remove DB connection in v4.0.2.x

Topic/Category:DB connection

Ephesoft version(s) Affected:4020/4021

Issue: Unable to remove DB connection in v4.0.2.x

Root Cause:

This issue is caused due to a In Use or Lock Constraint. If a connection is currently used in a Doctype for FuzzyDB then this will prevent the deletion of the connection in the connection manager.

Since the connection you attempted to delete had been in use in a deleted batch class there was no way to disassociate it in the UI, causing the “Cannot Delete: Connection In Use” error you received in the UI.


You can manually set the connection as deleted in the database using the “Connections” table. You do this by altering the table under the “is_deleted” column with a “1” for the corresponding connection name.

This will then propagate to the UI and the DB connection will be removed from the list.


A feature request will be added so that the connections in the DB can be deleted no matter what or at least take into account if a connection is being used in a deleted batch class.


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