The latest Ephesoft patch installer can be downloaded at: Ephesoft_31210

Release Notes

  • Feature Enhancement: Ephesoft now supports adding multiple regex for extraction/validation patterns from RegEx Group.
  • Feature Enhancement: Folder import module has been optimised to handle scenarios wherein Ephesoft throws FileNotFoundException.
  • Feature Enhancement: Optimizations have been made to Zip file reading API on network share.
  • Feature Enhancement: Files with extension TIF/TIFF (having extension defined in capital letters) greater than 15 MB are now supported by Ephesoft.
  • Feature Enhancement: Email attachments with .msg file extension are now downloaded in download-emails folder.
  • Hotfix: CMIS export implementation enhanced to support aspect mapping with Alfresco v 5.x and above.
  • Feature Enhancement: Now email import allows to configure number of mails to be imported per cron cycle. The number of email to be imported has to be configured in a properties file.
  • Feature Enhancement: Email attachments with no file extension are now downloaded in download-emails folder with .unknown extension.
  • Fix For Problem: Page deletion of a document on review screen moves focus to the page replacing the deleted one in that document. In case document has only one page, focus will shift to the first page of first invalid document.
  • Fix For Problem: ClassifyMultiPageHOCR web service now uses natural order sorting i.e. as operating system sorting for purpose of classification.
  • Fix For Problem: Executed modules in Batch Instance Table are updated in correct order as defined in batch class workflow.
  • Fix For Problem: Ephesoft now removes invalid xml characters if present in barcode value extracted by Recostar
  • Fix For Problem: Fit to page now works on web scanner.


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