The latest Ephesoft patch installer can be downloaded at: Ephesoft_31211

Release Notes

  • Feature Enhancement: Nuance OCR support for createHOCRForBatchClass web service in Linux.
  • Feature Enhancement: Document classification works aptly when document types are copied using copyDocumentType web service.
  • Feature Enhancement: OcrClassifyExtractSearchablePDF web service  creates searchable PDF along with resultant batch.xml.
  • Feature Enhancement: Email import now processes .msg attachments as .eml attachment.
  • Feature Enhancement: Recostar native code has been optimized to process special images which earlier use to make Recostar unresponsive during generation of HOCR xml.
  • Feature Enhancement: Fuzzy DB extraction now supports extraction with CHAR data type.
  • Fix For Problem: Optimizations have been done to support Chrome v and make overlay generation consistent on Validation Screen.
  • Fix For Problem: Recostar native code has been optimized such that it can process barcodes by removing invalid XML character if present in extracted value.
  • Fix For Problem: Learn File web service has been optimized to generate optimum learn index.